Dobermann foundation in Czechoslovakia

By | 6th August 2018


A short overview of dogs which have been noted as a part of the upstart of the Dobermann breed in Czechoslovakia (Philipp Grünig) – which seem to start up before the 1st. W W.

The first dog found, is the female DRAGA V D SEDANSRUH – a full sibling to Stella v Hessen, hence parental influence of the purebred GreyHound “Max” and maternal influence through Flora v Ried. Draga’s first known litter was by Lord v Ried, a halfsibling to her mother, through sharing the same dam, and produced the female Hilda v d Sedansruh (DZ 2265) born December 1908, sibling to Roland v d Heide.

In 1913 the male FLOCK V TRAUNFELD – is imported. First noted litter by Flock is FRICKE KOHN, born September 1915 and from Hella Freundsberg. Additional offspring by Flock is not noted before in 1918, after 1st W W, and seem to be productive up to and with 1922.

Comparing these 2 individual dogs, they have a different genetic built up – Draga has the influence of GreyHound, and Flock the influence of he Manchester Terrier.

After the 1st. W W – several dogs are now imported, of these:

– Freya v Rottal [Salto v Rottal & Grete Rink]

– Dora II v d Falkensteinerburg [Flock v Traunfeld & Sidi Meierhöfer]

– Goldelse v d Sternallee [Zeus v Parthengrund & Meta v Ostersee]

– Gilka v d Sternallee [Zeus v Parthengrund & Meta v Ostersee]

– Lola v d Goldene Höhe [Arnfried v Brandis & Erika v Parthengrund]

– Alex v d Finohöhe [Achim v Langerode & Leddy v d Blankenburg]

– Luci v d Hohen Warte [Treff Abfalter & Luci v d Falkensteinerburg]

– Angola v d Dreiflüssenstadt [Harras v Ostersee & Freya v Rottal]

– Nixe v Meierling [Alex v d Finohöhe & Lola v d Goldende Höhe]

– Artus v Friedek [Salto v Rottal & Goldese v d Sternallee]

– Fels v d Kreuzhorst [Wuotan v Thüringen & Gilka v d Sternallee]

– Dalila z Isonzo [Fels v d Kreuzhorst & Nixe v Meierling]

– Dar z Isonzo [Fels v d Kreuzhorst & Nixe v Meierling]

– Baldur v Delmenhorst [Alex v d Finohöhe & Dora II v d Falkensteinerburg]

– Asta v d Goldflagge [Alex v d Finohöhe & Luci v d Hohen Warte]

– Blanka v Korsika [Artus v Friedek & unknown]

– Bora v d Goldflagge [Artus v Friedek & Asta v d Goldflagge]

– Beno z Nameste [Dar z Isonzo & Blanka v Korsika]

In this database you will be able to see the pedigrees of these dogs, and the offspring we have been able to find. The mentioned dogs, are those which have been noted with the highest influence on the breed Dobermann in the Czechoslovakia.

The above informations are all with reference to:
Philipp Grünig
German Studbooks

Author: Bitten Jönsson

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