Dobermann foundation in Russia

By | 8th August 2018


A short overview of dogs which have been noted as a part of the upstart of the Dobermann breed in Russia. Mrs. Gerda M Umlauf states, that import to Russia should have taken place already in/around 1907 – there is unfortunately no direct confirmation of this. It seem more likely that dogs from the Czechoslovakia migrated to Russia, and in very small numbers, hence the foundation might have been very similar to that of Czechoslovakia in Russia. According to Philipp Grünig, the dogs of most influence to the breed in Russia, are not imported before after the 1st. W W. – and consist of the following dogs:

– Asta v d Spree [Burschel v Simmenau & Fanny v d Blankenburg]

– Bona v Seehagen [Lux v d Blankenburg & Adda v d Blankenburg]

– Alex v Kautzenhof [Tell v d Blankenburg & Loni (Kautz/Thuerling)]

– Asta v Goldgrund [Troll v d Blankenburg & Hela v Götterfelsen]

– Horst v Stresow [Troll v d Blankenburg & Lotte v Stresow]

– Artus v Eichenhain [Lux v d Blankenburg & Asta v d Rochsburg]

In this database you will be able to see the pedigrees of these dogs, and the offspring we have been able to find. The mentioned dogs, are those which have been noted with the highest influence on the breed Dobermann in the Russia – and comparing to the dogs represented in the Czechoslovakia in the same period of time, the same ancestor group seem to have very high influence.

With reference to Alex v Kautzenhof – he was in 1926 sold to USA, where he doesn’t seem to have been more productive than in his homecountry, as merely very few offspring from this male has been found through the records. His lineage do though confirm, that his ancestors are similar to those found/represented in the Czechoslovakia at the very same time within history.

Before the first world war

The very first dog, I have been able to find trance of in Russia, and from German breeding – is the black male TRICK V DEUTZ (DPZ 590) – born August 1908, and a full sibling to Isolde v Deutz [Hellegraf v Thüringen & Ruska v Deutz] – owner: G. Kreutz, St. Petersborg. He became Russian Show Champion, and obtained high show rating in Germany. Through this male, we have a direct link back to the founders of the breed.
His offspring can be found in the kennel Zarskejo Selo a “Diensthundzwinger” – service dog kennel and reged in the German studbooks.

The above informations are all with reference to:
Philipp Grünig
Gerda M. Umlauff
Simon Rietveld
German Studbooks

This overview will be updated in accordance to the findings made.

Author: Bitten Jönsson

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