The Family of Alpha v. Le Dobry – by Alison Kollenberg

The Family of Alpha v. Le Dobry

by Alison Kollenberg

Part 2 – Graaf Ouirinus van Neerlands Stam (1987-1997)

I originally wrote about the phenomenon of the Alpha Legacy in a 1991 Doberman World and followed up on his progression most recently in the last 1998 UDC Focus. As we approach the end of this millennium we get a even clearer picture of where this legacy has brought the breed and are able to uncover even more detailed information about capacities of his successors – namely his key sons and grandsons. Because of space limitations it would not be possible to cover in detail all the successful Alpha descendants, so I will confine my coverage here to the most well known ones. This issue will address his most significant offspring to date, Graaf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam/1987 (Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry x Dea Delores v. Franckenhorst). If Alpha was The King in the Eighties, then his son, Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam could well be considered THE European stud dog of significance in the Nineties.
No other Alpha son has produced so many look-alike sons, that have also turned out to be excellent producers of show winners in their own right. Once again, being dominant black certainly plays an influential role in the popularity stakes, but Quirinus as with his sire Alpha, Guy’s Hilo, Don Dayan, Gamon and most recently Tiger delle Rocce Ardenti /1993 (Kaisermark di Casa Coppo x Tiffeny dei Nobili Nati), numbers alone will not prevail if they do not then also “produce the goods”.

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